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Hypnotherapy for performance & motivation

Fitness Class

Healing Voice will help you improve performance, motivation & achieve your goals

If you’re feeling stuck, blocked or experiencing low on motivation or performance anxiety, hypnotherapy offers myriad techniques to improve your focus, creativity and enthusiasm. Sometimes it’s enough to be hypnotised to vividly imagine the process in achieving the goal. In the trance state you can access your creative subconscious which has been described as the single most powerful tool for goal achievement.  There may be an idea, belief or past experience that’s holding you back. Hypnosis can be used to uncover these and replace them with more empowering beliefs and visions.

Using hypnosis to apply what we've learnt from neuroscience

Neuroscience has shown that we can stimulate the same neural pathways by imagining we are doing something as by actually physically doing something. So one of the most effective methods to improve a specific performance is mental rehearsal which provides a safe environment to repeat, optimise and build confidence in any activity. The more vivid or realistic the visualisation the more effective the technique and hypnosis has the potential to achieve the most powerful imagined experiences.

Hypnosis can give you the right mindset to improve performance

Quite often it’s our attitude to success and failure which gets in the way. If we have a fixed mindset and assume that level of talent and ability is set in stone then we may live in fear that we will be defined by our next performance. This can be paralysing. To overcome this in the long term hypnosis can help you change the way you think to adopt a more relaxed approach to failing, a growth mindset that promotes learning and improving in pursuit of your goals.

Healing Voice can help improve your performance

To a great extent you'll perform how you expect to perform. So if hypnosis can change your expectations it can improve your performance.  This can apply to almost anything including:

  • Public speaking

  • Sport

  • Financial trading - keeping a clear calm emotion free head

  • Performing arts and music

  • Concentration for exams

  • Performance at work

  • Performance in love

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