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Miriam Stanbury
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Practitioner in EMDR & NLP Master Practitioner.


Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

I am the director of Healing Voice Hypnotherapy based in Chiswick and my passion and area of expertise is in helping people to reduce and manage phobias, stress, and any issues that they feel are seriously affecting their quality of life and enable them to be happy, completely self-expressed and allow their authentic way of being to come to the fore.

As a single mother having experienced the trauma of divorce, and trying to hold down a highly stressful corporate career, I reached a tipping point in my life where depression and anxiety were consuming my every waking hour. Not only was I feeling depressed, but this lead to me developing irrational phobias around driving, unfounded fears for my health and an overwhelming pessimism.  I had already tried what felt like every therapy known to mankind and was always left feeling empty. As a last resort I began to explore hypnotherapy and although not instantaneous, I knew that something was profoundly different with this style of intervention. As I progressed with each session I could feel and see the chains of anxiety that had been holding me down, start to break away link by link, it was quite literally liberating, and I knew I wanted to give this feeling to others.

When coming to see me I take each client through a detailed initial consultation to make sure that all subsequent sessions target their specific needs and give them the tools that enable them to become the master of their own lives.

I have a holistic approach to my treatments, that encompass different techniques relevant to individual requirements. All my methods are clinically proven and will give my clients the best possible chance for success, these include mindfulness, relaxation, hypnosis, regression, EMT, EMDR, FLASHLIGHT techniques and NLP.

Hypnosis can offer a mental clearing whereby previous negative conditioning can be erased, learnt behaviour and trauma can be transformed into a more effective mindset, that can deliver lasting positive changes in people’s lives.


Training and Qualifications

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

NLP Master Practitioner 

Eye Movement Therapies including EMDR CPD

 Ali Campbell Academy - Rapid Induction Therapy


GHR - General Hypnotherapy Register

GHSC - General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

CHCH - Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council

PHPA -Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association

*Concessions available depending on personal circumstances. Please contact me to discuss eligibility.


Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to master your mind

Our thoughts make us what we are     

Why me?

As a trained hypnotherapist who has overcome many of the traumas and challenges that my clients face, I am perfectly qualified and 100% committed to assist in their transformation to a happier, more fulfilled, and confident life.


Dale Carnegie

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Healing Voice Hypnotherapy

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