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Pain Management

Hypnotherapy has an impressive history as a substitute for traditional anaesthetics, having been used in thousands of surgical operations since it was pioneered by James Braid the 1840s, however a more common and practical use of hypnotherapy nowadays, would be to combat the many forms of chronic pain suffered by people every day. Sufferers often spend their lives dependant on over-the-counter pain killers or in severe cases prescribed pain killers that often become addictive.


Recent research has shown that chronic pain is not necessarily the result of an existing injury, but is, in fact, a conditioned response to one that has long since dissipated. Like an emotional trauma, changing the emotional reaction to the pain, can be the key to its eradication.


These powerful and profound pain-relieving results can be achieved using new desensitising hypnotherapy technology, that enables sufferers to take full mental control of their pain and gives them the ability to not only reduce their awareness of it, but also its intensity.


In turn and only with a doctor’s approval, these techniques can enable sufferers to reduce the amount of medication they require to manage their pain.

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