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As someone who has suffered personally from the menopause, I can empathise with the feelings of persistent hot flushes, anxiety, mood changes, sleepless nights, and weight problems to name but a few. As a result of this, I can fully testify to the profound effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment for all the above.


More specifically, hypnosis can dramatically reduce the frequency and impact of hot flushes, help to improve sleep patterns, and improve motivation for exercise which in turn, helps achieve weight loss and assists in the reduction of stress and anxiety.


In clinical trials, hypnotherapy has been proven to be as effective as HRT ( hormone replacement therapy) when it comes to reducing hot-flushes and its efficacy as treatment for anxiety and insomnia is well documented.


*As well as one on one sessions, Healing Voice offers group menopause workshop sessions that empower women to regain their enthusiasm and love for life!

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