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Managing Stress

Office Worker

Healing Voice Hypnotherapy can help you with stress management through hypnotherapy

Stress has been described as the modern disease. Most people complain of it to some degree. Hypnotherapy can help on many levels. Even simple relaxation and training the ability to achieve this through self-hypnosis can transform one’s experience as overall stress levels are lowered to a comfortable degree. 

Hypnotherapy can change how you perceive stress

A big part of stress is perception. Stress occurs when you perceive that the challenges and pressures you face exceed your ability and resources to deal with them. How you perceive a threat or challenge, how you perceive your abilities or resources to deal with the challenge and how you perceive stress itself - we can work to change these perceptions. Also, whether you think stress is a good or a bad thing, it will prove you right. In fact when you learn to view stress in a positive way its cardiovascular profile is very close to the profile for pleasant feelings such as joy or courage.  Perceived in this way, stress can be quite beneficial, an effective motivator just as nature intended. Hypnosis is wonderfully effective tool for changing perceptions.

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