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Healing Voice can help you break free from or reduce your drinking habit

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Whether mild or sever, dependency on habit forming substances including alcohol usually consist of several components. The  physical dependancy is possibly the best understood and easiest to deal with. Then there's the habit which is more subtle and can often persist for a much longer period than the physical dependency. To complicate the issue further, these habits often mask a deeper cause, a natural human need that is not being met. This can often lead to psychological associations which result in an emotional attachment. To overcome unhealthy dependencies in the short and long term it's essential to understand and tackle each of these maintaining elements at the same time.  Otherwise the chances are that the client will eventually relapse. 

The best approach to the physical element, depends on the substance and severity of the of the habit. Tobacco is normally addressed in 1 session, however, in the case of severe alcohol abuse it can be dangerous to stop abruptly so a more gradual approach is essential.

An important feature of our approach, is to install a positive habit to replace the the destructive one, so we don't leave a vacuum in its place. Ideally the new habit will address any unfulfilled natural needs in a healthy way. However if this is not possible we may also need to explore other ways to meet the client's basic needs, such as the need for rest or the need for social interaction.

At Healing Voice I have a structured process to identify and address all the components of the substance abuse, and using hypnosis as a catalyst for change, this process can be made relatively quick and painless.


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